Packing Services

Full-Service Moving & Packing

Your home is your sanctuary and your belongings are treasured memories. You should feel safe and at ease through every step of the moving process. Fox Relocation Service’s specialists are trained to provide packing services that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Our full-service movers take every opportunity to ensure that your moving needs are met.

You Have Found the Right Full-Service Movers

Fox Relocation Service takes every measure to ensure that our customers feel comfortable inviting a packing and moving company into their home. Each of our home packing specialists are trained, licensed, and insured. Each packing team here at Fox Relocation Service is careful, thorough and discreet, when it comes to moving all of your personal belongings.

The Packing Services We Offer

Fox Relocation Service’s packing services are completely customizable. Every customer is assigned a moving and packing coordinator to handle every aspect of the moving process from start to finish. Our moving coordinators do their best to accommodate all requests they receive.

Residential and Commercial Packers

We move families, memories, and homes. We move companies, dreams, and offices. We pack, load, transport, unload and unpack per your request. The task of moving a home versus moving an office is filled with unique challenges. But no matter the challenge, our residential and commercial packers can handle it. Whether your office is industrial size with heavy office equipment or small with only a few desks and chairs, our commercial packing services take the stress of packing away from you and your employees.

Specialty Packing Services

Our specialty packers are trained to deal with items that are of high value or fragile. Every home we visit has a fair share of fragile items; it could be kitchen items or collectibles. Our teams are trained to be efficient and careful no matter what we are packing and transporting. We are trained to pack and move everything from mirrors and vanities to Ming Vases and Grand Pianos. It’s what we do!

Hire Professional Packers or DIY?

Moving is one of the most stressful circumstances anyone can find themselves in, and packing is the most tedious part of the moving process. Fox Relocation Service’s packing services eliminate packing from the equation, eliminating the stress. Customers who ask for our packing services are given the freedom to focus on the more important aspects of moving. We aim to ensure that our customers experience an easy transition. Every packing service package can be customized, giving our customers the choice to do as much or as little as they would like to. No matter which moving package is chosen, every customer can control as much of the process as they like.

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